Frequently Asked Questions


Can areas of the floor with pet urine stains be repaired?

It depends on how far the stain has penetrated the wood. Many stains are shallow enough to come of with the sanding.  For extremely bad stains the wood itself can be stained darker to even out the colour of the floor.


What preparations do I have to do before refinishing my floor?  
The area has to be completely empty and all trim that touches the floor must be removed.


Will I be able to live in the house while my floors are being refinished?
Urethane coatings produce a strong odour for 4 to 6 hours.  You should make arrangements to have everyone, including pets, out of the house during this time.  Water based finishes are not as toxic but are not the preferred finish.


Are there any precautions to protect the floor?
All furniture and objects touching the floor should have protective felt pads on them to prevent scratching if the furniture is moved.


Are refinished floors easier to care for than the original varnished hardwood floors?
Refinished floors are simple to care for.  Use a tack mop, with washable terry cover, to remove dust and just wet the mop with a mixture of warm water and vinegar to wash.  Do not use a lot of water.  Should the floor show wear over the years it can be refreshed simply with a light screening and one coat of finish.


Will there be a lot of dust?
Our system is a dust control system. The sanding machine has a sanding bag which collects all the sanding dust.  The buffer and edger have a vacuum hose connected to them to accumulate the dust. If the buffer and edger are used without the vacuum the dust will float in the air and travel all over the house. The system is working very well, we do not have to wear a dust mask and the room does not need to be shrouded in plastic.


How long does a floor restoring job take?
If floors do not need any repairs, they can usually be refinished in 3 to 4 days depending on the size of the job. The first day is the most intense, this is when the floor is sanded, stained if requested and one coat of finish is applied.  The next two days the floor is screened and another coat applied. The floor can be gently walked on one day after the last coat.


Will there be strong smells and fumes?
We use solvent based finishing products and therefore you will feel, for a short while, a slight paint-like smell in the room. We do not use conversion varnish systems which can smell and gas off for weeks, so it will not be uncomfortable for you to live in your home. The oil based finish system will have the smell of oil paint for a couple of days. Keeping the windows open to ventilate the room will help in the summer, but in the winter the smell will persist a bit longer.

Can deep scratches in my floor be fixed?
When sanding, we try to take off as little wood as possible to prolong the life of your floor.
The best solution for deep marks and scratches is replacing the dameged boards. If you'd rather we sand a little deeper we can do this but remember that deep sanding means less floor for youl . Hardwood floors can only be sanded 3 - 5 times.


Do you sand staircases?
Yes, but we only sand the actual treads or steps and never do work on spindles, railings or stringers. This is far beyond the scope of floor work and you are much better off having a tradesman competent in this field look after this for you.


How come I have gaps between the boards and how can they be filled?
All goods created of wood are subject to expansion and contraction resulting from changes in humidity throughout the year. This is why cracks and small gaps will appear in your hardwood floors, especially in those with wide planks. In winter, there is less humidity inside your home as you have the heat is turned on. As a result your hardwood floors will shrink. This is a natural process for wood floors and its nothing to be worried about. Fir or pine floors in older homes usually present gaps, as the many winters and summers, and the repeated contractions and expansions will take their toll, creating gaps between the boards.


Will my hardwood floor change color over time?
Differences in the shade of your hardwood floor are normal after a period of time. This is the result of direct or indirect ultra-violet sunlight rays and is most noticeable in areas covered by rugs. Moving rugs in your home every so often will help minimize color contrast in your floors.


When can I start putting my furniture and area rugs back?
The floor can be walked on in 24 hours if properly ventilated. Furniture can be returned in three days.  Area rugs should not be on the floor for approximately 30 days to allow the floor to cure exposed to air. Please make sure you use the felt pads for your furniture.


Do you install quarter rounds and baseboards?
We do not install any baseboard or quarter rounds at all. We can recommend someone for you, if you'd like, We also do not remove existing quarter rounds and do not re-install them as most old quarter rounds get badly damaged in the process and are impossible to reuse.


Can you help me remove my furniture?
We are not professional movers and as a result our insurance does not cover us for any damage done to your furniture. You will need to remove all furniture from the rooms in which we'll work prior to our arrival.


Can I see any references from your past customers?
We have posted some feedback from our many satisfied clients on our Gallery page. If you‘d like the name and number of a particular client for more details, please call or email us and we will share it with you. (Provided our client agrees to talk to you.)


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